Susan Vincent


Realize the full potential of your vision through innovative and leading HR solutions!

Susan's mission is to help you build a high performing and engaged workforce and align your HR vision with your organization's strategy.
Through learning about your vision and dreams, Susan develops specialized Human Resource solutions to positively impact your employees and contribute to your organization's success.

Susan Vincent


About her practice

Susan Vincent is a senior Human Resources professional with experience across diverse sectors and industries in the corporate and non-profit businesses.  Her knowledge spans all Human Resources areas.  

As a respected Consultant and trusted Advisor, she has spent her career leading the strategic design, development and implementation of Human Resources management practices.  Susan's method focuses on the strength in people and organizations to open doors to greater possibilities.

Susan treats Human Resources holistically as an ecosystem where all HR disciplines are inter-dependent and their full potential is realized when working in harmony.

As a pragmatic and results oriented thinker, she consistently demonstrates the ability to formulate tailored solutions that drive employee and organization success.

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Susan has over 20 years of trusted expertise at the service of her clients to help them soar to their potential.

A unique range of experience.

With each of her client engagements, Susan works as a business partner designing tailored solutions to further enhance practices that align with each client’s unique business needs and workplace culture. The organization’s mission and values help set the vision of each engagement.  

This ensures HR collaborations deepen the organization’s capacity to deliver on the mission in ways that are meaningful, tangible, and build the confidence of employees, and stakeholders. Industry breadth covers many sectors including financial services, insurance, technology, health, education, environment, retail, and employment services.  She brings years of experience, training and research in HR, Leadership Coaching and  Emotional Intelligence.

We help a variety of clients:
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Non-profit organisations
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Financial Services
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Other diverse sectors

A carefully developed approach that makes the practice stand out.

About Susan's unique method

Susan designs specialized Human Resource solutions that are focused on achieving your vision and goals. She adds value and accelerates your success, whether this be a strategic initiative, an HR program design or leadership coaching to elevate management potential.

Susan partners with you on what matters most.
She listens for what is unique and important
to your organization to gain a deep understanding of the strengths of your organization, your employees and workplace culture.

She asks intentional questions to create a vision of your best possible outcomes.

She builds on what is already working.

This clarity becomes the roadmap from which Susan designs Human Resource solutions that complement and make positive and noticeable impact.

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From non-profits, small and medium size enterprises to large corporations, Susan is proud to be part of each of her clients' journeys.

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