Susan's Human Resources approach is Solution Focused.

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Understanding your challenges is important context, but more importantly is exploring your envisaged future, “ where you are going”. Susan listens carefully and immerses herself in the heart of your organization to uncover your unique strengths and what you care about most. She designs strategies and programs that build, harness and cultivate from this core foundation to create unique solutions to drive positive change.

The Practice

Susan harnesses the strengths and capabilities of your organization leading to positive and meaningful change.

She offers a wide range of services to match your particular needs.

Susan is passionate for businesses and people achieving their potential. With over 20 years of experience, training and research in Human Resources, certified Leadership coaching and Emotional Intelligence practice, she guides you on the path to success. She cover all areas of Human Resources:

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Human Resource Services

Carefully designed programs offer big returns to organizations to motivate superior employee performance and improve business results. Susan's focus is on both the outcomes “what is achieved” as well as the behaviours“how it is achieved” for greatest impact.

HR Strategy:
Overarching framework from which HR initiatives are designed and to support and deliver on the organization's vision and strategy.

Total Rewards: Compensation, bonus incentive and recognition,  rewards programs.

Talent Management: Includes Performance reviews, 360 reviews, recruitment and selection, training and development.

Board governance:
Board governance practices, roles, evaluation and liaison with Directors and Committees.

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Leadership Coaching

Susan will empower you to harness your individual strengths, expertise and emotional intelligence. Learning what is most important, she works with you, one step at a time, to open up new possibilities and approaches that ultimately lead you to positive changes in self-perception, motivation and confidence to elevate performance. This approach is radically different than traditional approaches in that it sidesteps the troubles and heads straight to solutions.

• Rather than moving away from the problem her approach moves you towards the solution; the aim is to help you grow rather than solve your problems.

• It is a powerful, practical, and proven approach for people, teams and organizations.

•This approach is known as "brief coaching" as the sessions are typically short, focused, and need only a few meetings for positive change to be realized.

Susan loves to start new collaborations.

Susan, with insights from her network of highly qualified professionals, is committed to putting extensive expertise at the service of your organization.

Get in touch to talk about ways to strengthen your Human Resources with the help of her HR consulting and coaching practice!

Let's talk about your future vision!

Your organization is unique! I am here to work with you in designing custom solutions.